Our Company

Freshgraze aims to produce clean and wholesome food in a sustainable and environmentally friendy way.

Freshgraze is an automated moving fence system which allocated fresh strips of grass to animals throughout the day. It allocates 30cm strips which means that selective grazing and forage wasted is greatly reduced.
Freshgrazing provides flexibility and eases grassland management leaving decisions easy to implement, improving grass production and utilisation while leaving a digital footprint for farm to fork traceability. Effective utilisation of mixed species swards promises to promote sustainable agriculture production. Freshgraze will revolutionize agricultural production.

Grazed grass is, and will continue to be, the most cost-effective animal feed for ruminant production. But how to manage that grass in a sustainable manner is extremely difficult, even for the best farmers. Grass growth varies massively depending on a number of factors. Poor utilization of grass has a negative knock-on effect on animal performance. Cows graze selectively; eating the most palatable grass first and leaving the rest for last. But what is left is subject to severe trampling and contamination. With Freshgraze animals intuitivly graze the small portions of fresh grass which can contain a variety of grass species. The fence then moves on when the strip is grazed to prevent overgrazing.

Our Service

Freshgraze is offering farmers a more efficient, sustainable and cost-effective system for grassland management.

Complete Automation

Freshgraze is simple to setup and easy to use. The farmer has complete control of his grazing platform. It was designed with the end user in mind.

Increase Profits

Freshgraze increases grass utilisation and eases grassland management. It will increse yields and animals will thrive.

Regenerative Agriculture

Freshgraze has the ability to produce food in a clean and sustainable way which gives back to the environment.

Our Team

We have a team of engineers, veterinary surgeons and farmers.




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