Automated Moving Fence

Freshgraze is constantly allocating small portions of fresh grass to cows. This ensures you get the best utilisation of your grassland.


Robots Controlled Remotely

Our system allows you to precisely allocate any manage your grassland from our mobile app. You can easily give your cows more or less grass with the push of a button.


Good grassland management doesn't have to take all your time

Increase Profits

Get the best out of your grass. Freshgraze allocates fresh grass in small strips increasing intake and utilisation.

Sustainable Farming

Freshgraze can produce food in a clean and sustainable manner giving back to the environment.

Reduce Labour

No more temporary fences or pigtails. Simply set up Freshgraze at the beginning of each field and let her run down.

Environmental Benefits

Increased Biodiversity

Freshgraze allocates grass in small portions allowing for multispecies swards to be grazed effectively.

Better Use of Natural Resources

Grass is the most natural feed for cows. Freshgraze helps farmers get the best from their grassland.

Increased Carbon Sequestration

By planting deeper rooting plants we can increase the carbon sequestration.

More Wholesome Food

Freshgraze can allow for clean wholesome food to be produced from grassland with farm to fork traceability.

Reduce Artificial Fertilizer

Through the planting of clover and other legumes which naturally fixate nitrogen there is less need for artificial fertilizer.

Cows Grazing Outdoors

Freshgraze makes it easier to manage grassland promoting more farmers to have their cows outdoors in their natural environment.

Our Team




Our Story

We are an up and coming agri-tech start-up based in County Westmeath. We have a strong farming background with a core interest in animal welfare and sustainability. We are currently running trials of our system on farms this Summer. Follow our Twitter to keep up to date with our progress. If you are interested in becoming a trial farmer or early adopter Contact us.

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