Biodiverse Range of Plants Grazed

Freshgraze constantly allocates precise portions of fresh plants to animals, allowing biodiverse swards to be efficiently grazed. This impacts soil health and the microbiome of the food system.


Robots Controlled Remotely

Our system allows  to precisely allocate and manage Pasture from our mobile app.  With the push of a button the complex interactions between Animal ,Plant, and Soil can be adapted.


 Pasture management can be Agroecological and Productive

Regenerative practice

. Freshgraze  allows for optimisation of the needs of Animal , Plant and Soil thereby leading to efficent resource use

Sustainable Farming

Freshgraze can produce food in a clean and sustainable manner giving back to the environment.

Reduce Labour

No more temporary fences or pigtails. Simply set up Freshgraze at the beginning of each field and the app manages the rest.

Environmental Benefits

Increased Biodiversity

Freshgraze allocates grass in small portions allowing for multispecies swards to be grazed effectively.

Better Use of Natural Resources

Pasture is the most natural feed for cows. Freshgraze helps farmers get the best from their Pastures

Reduce Carbon footprint

Biodiverse sward with deeper rooting plants  can increase the carbon sequestration.and also have benifical effect on  Rumination.

More Wholesome Food

Freshgraze can allow for clean wholesome food to be produced from biodiverse pasture with farm to fork traceability.

Reduce Artificial Fertilizer

 Clover and other legumes  naturally fixate nitrogen there is less need for artificial fertilizer.

Cows Grazing Outdoors

Freshgraze makes it easier to manage grassland promoting more farmers to have their cows outdoors in their natural environment.

Our Team




Freshgraze Vision

We are a farming family . Through state-of-the-art Engineering, Communications, Robotics, Cloud-based algorithms, and the wonders of AI and Machine learning, we've invented a Cyber-physical system that redefines pasture-based farming.

No longer do we seek to dominate nature; instead, we embrace an agroecological and regenerative philosophy that harmonizes with the natural world. Our field research promises abundant, high-quality food production while nurturing positive environmental  and animal welfare impacts.

Our system isn't just a tool; it's an agent of change. We envision a world where thriving biodiverse pastures yield plentyfull bounty and where our actions rejuvenate the environment. This is more than farming; it's a vision of possibility, where technology and knowledge forge a future where both the land and humanity prosper.


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